About Us

PUG and Progress Software

What is the value of PUG to Progress?

  • To act as a forum for discussing and disseminating matters of common interest within the Progress community
    • Provide feedback on o/s support
    • Carry out email/web surveys
      • Commercial
      • Technical
  • How Progress technologies have been deployed in real life solutions
  • To provide an effective liaison channel between Progress Software Ltd (PSL) and its customers
    • Actively liaise with other European PUG - Cross European
  • To collate views for discussion with PSL and, where practical, to influence PSL technical, business and marketing strategies
  • Complement Progress event calendar with a series of ‘events’
  • Actively encourage/bring/promote Reference Sites using Progress products

What support do PUG need from Progress?

  • Opportunity to grow membership
  • Forward PUG material to end users
  • PUG presence at PSL UK events
  • Access to key personnel - speaking at events

PUG is independent of PSL, and, as a member, is there to support you if you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your relationship with PSL.