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Want to join PUG UK but can't justify membership to your employer? Here are what some of our members have said about the advantages of PUG UK & Ireland membership and of attending the various PUG conferences.

Ref Summer 2014 conference: Good event with interesting and relevant sessions. This was the first time I have been to this event but hopefully it will not be the last. As well as the presentations, it was a great opportunity to catch up with other people in the Progress community.

Ref Summer 2014 conference: Very good event, so much development in all new areas of Mobile/Cloud/hybrid development. Progress has a fair few exciting new enhancements which really empower the developer.

Ref Summer 2014 conference: Thanks to everybody involved for organising this invaluable conference, I look forward to the next one.

I attended the EMEA PUG Challenge in 2012 in Manchester, and amongst other things learnt some great tips from Mike Fechner on how to customise the Developer Studio so we can be more productive. I was able to pass on these tips to my colleagues and it has made a big difference.

At the 2010 EMEA PUG Challenge I met Meave Cray of Towquest Ltd and got talking to her about Webspeed. She informed me that they use pseScript for their web development and that it was light years ahead of WebSpeed. On the back of that and with a recommendation from Meave to my director Brian Preece, I was able to introduce eScript to my company and we now use it successfully for web development.

Keeping abreast of the new features delivered with each new OpenEdge release can be a real challenge to busy end users like ourselves. At the 2013 PUG Spring Conference I attended an extremely useful workshop entitled ‘New database features and enhancements introduced from 10.2B to OE11.2’, where Gareth Payne from Progress explained in detail many of these new features. As a direct result of this session, at MIRA we have:

  • implemented the Alternate Buffer Pool, to improve our database performance
  • benefited from some useful tips picked up on Binary dumping
  • gained greater understanding of the options surrounding user authentication

Whilst all of this information is out there, I found it really useful to have it distilled in one place by a technical expert. Far from being a dry, inflexible academic exercise, the session was made much more enjoyable for being a lively two-way debate between Progress and a room full of like-minded customers. I’m looking forward to doing it again next year!

Being a member of the user group, coming to the conferences and wandering around the exhibitions made us aware of several Progress-specific reporting products. We eventually bought one of these products for a client of ours, saving them several thousand pounds in the process.